Education Watch & Learn

Don Scanlon's "Whose House Is It Anyway?"

In this course, we discuss your obligations under License Law, law of agency and of course the Realtor Code of Ethics and MLS Rules.We also learn what your obligations are as the Listing Agent to other brokers, agents, as well as, the rights of Buyer Brokers. This course will give you the fundamental principles to help guide you through the next multiple offer transaction and so much more!

Beth O'Connor's "Why Should I List My House With You?"

Beef up your listing presentation by demonstrating to sellers how you'll use the most effective real estate technologies to achieve simplified and current market data, massive online exposure, easy communications and simplified paperwork.

Nick Gigante's "Negotiation: Client Advocacy"

In this course students will learn how to prepare themselves for a successful negotiation. We also teach students to understand the sellers and buyers needs for a WIN/WIN deal every time!

Laureen Zarba's "Best & Latest Features of Stratus, Collab, Instanet & FIND"

With this course learn what's new and why you need these essential programs that are part of your LIBOR membership benefits: Stratus, Collaborate, Instanet (Forms, Transactions and Electronic Signatures) and the FIND database to search MLS listings and property data in ALL 50 States!

Nick Gigante's "Buyer Brokerage & Ethics"

Today more and more buyers in this market place are requesting buyer representation. Whether or not you choose to practice buyer agency, you still have an obligation to know and understand how to work with them.

Linda D'Amico's "GPS for Pricing - Great Pricing Strategies"

With our one day class LIBOR will teach you how to get Sellers to price their homes right the first time. We’ll also cover various methods and dialogue to get the listing at the right price as well as come away with work sheets that will give you the right questions to ask.

Stratus New Agents November 2017

In this video you will have a brief introduction for beginners or anyone new to Stratus. Learn to customize your stratus, search for listings and so much more! 

Collaborate Webinar

Collaborate Webinar In this video you have an introduction to Collaborate great for anyone unfamiliar with the program or maybe just needing a quick refresher. 

How to Renew Your Real Estate License in NY

Need help renewing your Real Estate License? This is the perfect video for you! 

Switch from Prospect Match to Collab to Wow Buyers!

In this 1 hour webinar well show you all about Collaborate and how it’s far superior to Prospect Match.